Monday, April 16, 2018

Grandma's Recipe

I am across a cute pumpkin pie cutting file from Printable Cuttable Creatables and knew I had a scrapbook page that  could use it.
I already had the photos waiting for me and had made added a title to the page by adding it to my photo before printing it so this page just needed some PL cards and a little life added onto it to be finished.
I selected matching cards from the Cinnamon Edition and got to work on the slice of pie. The cut has much more detail to it, but I wanted a simple image so I took out a few layers (the cut is super cute with everything!)
In the end my slice of pie was just the right addition to my page and I was able to check another memory page off my list.  Thanks for visiting my blog today. I am having fun in my little moments of spare time during show week getting projects I had started awhile ago all finished.  I hope you have a great day!

- Project Life - Cinnamon Edition
- Printale Cuttable Creatables - pumpkin pie slice

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Throwback Thursday - 80's Concert

This week for Throwback Thursday I wanted to share a project I made last spring for my daughter's choir concert and never shared with you. The theme of the concert of Totally 80's and was just about as much fun as you can imagine. I made these cards for her and her choir teacher.
Sophie and I were super excited about the theme because we had suggested it in the card the previous year so when it came out that that was the theme we were thrilled! The card was inspired by my daughter's costume.
This card came together pretty easy especially with the help of print and cut. The Paper Doll - Teen Scene collection is a blast to work with, but gluing all the small pieces is not my favorite so I was happy when, after I sliced and altered some of the cuts, I could flatten the image and print it out.
The cassette tape needed a fun stamp for that mix tape feel and I had a whole set of 80's stamps ready. The inside got the 80's treatment as well for the message.
What a fun concert - all the parents singing along was super cute and the story that went with the show was full of great references we all enjoyed.  Sophie even did a solo in this concert for "We Are the World". Thanks for stopping by for this fun project I forgot to share before.

For more Throwback Thursday - If you want to see the other theme cards made for my daughter's  concerts check out these links:
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- Indie Art Cricut Collection - cassette Tape
- Paper Doll Teen Scene - 80's girl - a mix of several dolls
- Pink By Design 80's stamps
- Cassette Tape label - png image

Monday, April 9, 2018

Periwinkle Prep

I have been back in my craft space more and more. I was able to do a little crafting (so so much actually) during Spring Break and I took some time to work on my backlog of photo albums. I am super lucky that my mom has made so many of my daughter's Halloween costumes.  This one was especially great because she had no pattern.
My daughter was in love with Periwinkle from the Disney fairy movies (she is Tinkerbell's sister) and wanted to be her so badly.  My mom made magic happen. I was able to snap some photos during the process my Mom went though to create this cute costume.
I just put some cards together and cut  out a cute Periwinkle from the Cricut Collection for Tinkerbell (not the cartridge Tinkerbell and Friends - this was a separate collection they had).  I cut the title out of a favorite font and it was all set. Thanks for stopping by to check out my craft space today!

- Project Life - Blush Edition cards
- Tinkerbell Cricut Collection - periwinkle print and cut
- Lobsster Two font

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Throwback Thursday - Golden Girl

You know how you sometimes make a project and totally forget to share it with others?  Well welcome to Throwback Thursday.  I made several projects in the last year that  never got shared because timing kept me from blogging and often from crafting.  I thought I would take the next few weeks to share some of those fun projects with you.
This first card is from my daughter's Golden Birthday almost a year ago in May. I fully admit that due to the timing it got made late at night, but it got made and she loved it.
She was golden from head to toe that day and this card made her gift in the morning come together so nicely (all things gold:  Golden Grahams, Gold Coins, a Gold Mickey Tsum Tsum etc..) 
I used a bunch of random fonts to print out the sayings on the card and then flattened it before printing it onto a square. It turned out just right. I hope your week is going well.  Thanks for joining me for Throwback Thursday today. (Its new to you right!)

- Wild Card Cricut Collection - stars corners
- Cricut Design Space - other stars
- various fonts on card - Digs My Heart, Always in My Heart and more

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Pinterest Easter

Easter weekend was amazing! Lots of time with family and friends and trying some new ideas.  I know we all have had Pinterest fails and successes, but I keep going back even with those fails because the ides are such fun.  I wanted to share some of mine form this past weekend - lucky for me I am viewing them as mostly successful.
Deviled Eggs: I have seen this a few times on Pinterest and was either to busy or scared to try it, but this year  I really wanted to do it so I colored the inside of my hard boiled eggs.

I followed the instructions basically word for word only I used the food coloring I had on hand to create the colors I was hoping for.  VERDICT:  DO AGAIN!!  My green did not mix right (too much blue) and it is hard to get perfectly pealed and cut hard boiled eggs, but I would so do this again.

Peep Cake: This one was something I have always thought about doing,but after pinning several examples I figured it was time to finally try. 

I decided to do cupcakes for serving purposes. VERDICT: Easy and cute decorating idea - with the Peeps on top my cupcake carrier smashed the tops a little but nothing awful.

Carrot Strawberries: This was something my daughter wanted to do as she is very into  making chocolate treat lately so when I saw these I figured she would have fun.
We had to search for strawberries with stems - which was funny to me but we found them and my daughter basically took over from there following the melting directions and dipping them after I dried the berries off. She even used a spoon to add some drizzle stripes.  I made a no bake cheesecake and added green food coloring for the "grass" and we put a few on top to make a carrot patch.

VERDICT: YES YES YES.  Such a fun add on to the dessert table and fun to make with my kid!!

Overall a success and such fun trying new things for our holiday fun. Thanks for stopping in to visit my little blog.  I think crafting in the kitchen is almost as much fun as in craft room!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Eggcellent Birthday

I had such a wonderful Spring Break.  I finally found my way back into my craft room and got to create almost everyday.  I feel like I got that craft feeling back into my system.  I also got to play along with a bunch of challenges.  The Pause, Dream, Enjoy Challenge blog has a Fun Fold Cards challenge and I really wanted to play long.  I made this cute little birthday card.
The inspiration for the card was the fun paper stack I just got this week. I tend to take a ton of food photos so this stack was perfect for some scrapbook pages I am working on and for this challenge the egg paper inspired the whole project.
Once I had the idea it all came together with ease. I added my sentiment and print it onto the right color before cutting everything I needed. Of  course this card also needed a wobble so the egg got attached in a fun way.
I love the simple fun added by a wobble.  In the end the card was all set to close up with a touch of ribbon.  Now it can be given in a gift or sent in an envelope to a friend.
What a fun challenge and a great week of crafting.  I am back to work tomorrow and right into the final 3 weeks of our musical rehearsals and performances, but hopefully I will find a little crafty time as well. (Now that I have the bug again it will be hard to avoid my room).  Hope you a  have a great week!!

Pause Dream Enjoy Challenges - Fun Fold Cards
- Craftyhazelnut's Patterned Paper Challenge April

- Walk in My Garden Cricut Collection - envelope card base
- Smiley Cards Cricut Collection - Laughing face
- Just Because Cards Cricut Collection - egg
- Good East DCWV paper stack
- Action Wobble